Infinity Black Seed Oil Plus Olive Leaves Extract 60 Softgels

Exp Date : Oct 2022
Registered MAL : MAL10100073T
Halal Certified : JAKIM/(S)/(22.00)/492/1 009-05/2013


: Traditionally used for health and strengthening the body.

: Digunakan secara tradisional untuk kesihatan dan menguatkan badan.



: (Adult) 2 capsules once daily after food.

: (Dewasa) 2 kapsul sekali sehari selepas makan.

Each softgel (950mg) contains : Black Cumin Seed Oil 500mg Olive Leaves Extract 150mg.
Source of softgel gelatin : Bovine
Remarks This is traditional medicine, please consult your pharmacist / doctor before taking this product. Contraindicated in pregnancy. Insufficient reliable data in lactation.

Black Seed Oil Plus Olive Leaves Extract 

60 softgels

Habbatus Sauda


  • Has strong antioxidant properties due to the thymoquinone, an anion scavenger that neutralizes oxygen radicals.
  • Synergistic effect with olive leaves extract for enhanced effectiveness.
  • Contains vitamins and minerals


  • Protect the liver and kidney from oxidative stress induced-environment.
  • Beneficial for rheumatoid / osteoporosis – relieves pain
  • For eczema – soothe skin inflammation
  • Dithymoquinone was found to suppress symptoms in patients with bronchial asthma.
  • Reduce nasal mucosal congestion, nasal itching, runny nose, sneezing attacks.
  • Has anti-proliferative effect due to the thymoquinone, a powerful chemo preventive  agent.
  • Reduce blood glucose due to inhibition of hepatic gluconeogenesis.
  • May be used for psoriasis due to the anti-proliferative effect.
  • Enhances natural killer T cells to fight viral infection.
  • Can be used as an immune booster or to apply topically for acne / fungal skin infection.

Black cumin seed oil (also often called Black Coriander Oil or simply black oil) comes from the Nigella Sativa plant that is native to Asia. Recent studies on this incredibly powerful seed oil show it may be helpful in combating super bugs like MRSA or h.pylori and in cancer patients.

The plant is technically part of the buttercup family and has small, black, crescent shaped seeds. Historical accounts of Black Seed use date back as far as the times of King Tut in Ancient Egypt. Cleopatra reportedly used black cumin seed oil for beautiful hair and skin and Hippocrates was fond of using it for digestive troubles.

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Product Details

Each softgel (950mg) providing :

Black cumin seed oil                                          500mg

(Semen Nigella Sativa Oil)

Olive leaves extract                                            150mg

(Folium Olea Europaea Extract)

Source of gelatine : Bovine

Packaging size : 60 Softgels

Indication :

Traditionally used for health and strengthening the body.

Dosage :

(Adult) 2 softgels once daily after food

Store condition : 

Store below 30 degrees Celsius . Protect from light and moisture.

Keep out of reach of children.

This is traditional medicine, please consult your pharmacist / doctor before taking this product.

MAL 10100073 T

Jakim Ref No. : JAKIM/(S)/(22.00)/492/2/1009-05/2013

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